Merbau Decking

Merbau Decking Perth

Merbau is a tropical hardwood timber which grows in southeast Asia, Indo Pacific islands like Fiji and Samoa, Tanzania, India, and Madagascar, as well as the Australian region of Far North Queensland by the Johnstone River. It is often referred to as Johnstone River teak or scrub mahogany.

Merbau timber has a high oil and tannin content giving it a natural gloss without harsh artificial coating.

Merbau ranges from a pale red to a dark reddish brown colour. Merbau is a versatile hardwood used in many products including hardware, fencing, building features like accents and cladding, and decking. It’s also commonly seen outdoors, around BBQ areas, and for woodcraft, floorboards and wood fittings.

Merbau decking colour and size

Merbau timber is well known for its distinct colour patterns and rich tones. Merbau ranges from a pale yellow-brown or orange-brown to deep, dark red-brown. 

Merbau decking comes in a range of sizes and lengths, the most common being the 140 x 19 or the 90 x 19 which is available for purchase in set measurements (lengths).