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Timber Decking

Batu, Yellow Balau Decking

Batu, Yellow Balau Decking

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Batu/Yellow Balau KD (kiln dried) R1F (reeded one face or smooth both sides) E4E (eased four edges) 90 x 19 random lengths'

Special order product. 3-5 day lead time.

Choose 90mm Decktec, 10g x 50mm screws.

Batu has been a very popular timber for decking in the past due to the low cost before the Chain of Custody was introduced. Since then the price has steadily risen and is now on par with high quality Jarrah. Balau is one of the more problematic timbers and therefore we do not recommend or stock it.

If you must use it please do your best to reduce the movement. For instance by pre-coating all 6 sides, using Decktec, using quality large 10g SS screws, pre-drilling large enough for screw clearance, providing plenty of ventilation below the deck and keep up the regular maintenance of oiling.

*Please note: as timber is a natural product standard industry practise is to order 5% more than you need to ensure you receive enough usable product. This does not include wastage for cutting to size etc. (10% on random length decking 5% for finger jointed)

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