Fijian Mahogany Decking
Fijian Mahogany Decking
Fijian Mahogany Decking

Fijian Mahogany Decking

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Fijian Mahogany KD (Kiln Dried) Select E4E (Eased four edges) 140 X 21 R/L (Random Lengths)

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$108/m² approx.

Choose 140mm Decktec, 10g x 65mm screws, New Bronzetone Cutek colour tone or no colour tone to allow the deck to grey off.

A true mahogany from Fiji and the Pacific Region. PLANTATION GROWN the heartwood ranges from pinkish to pale red, becoming darker on exposure. The sapwood is light pink to yellow brown. The grain is wavy to interlocked and its texture is fairly even.

Fijian Mahogany is very easy to work with hand and machine tools, torn and chipped grain is common with figured material. Easy to finish and takes an excellent polish; Slices and rotary cuts into fine veneer.

*Please note: as timber is a natural product standard industry practise is to order 5% more than you need to ensure you receive enough usable product. This does not include wastage for cutting to size etc. (10% on random length decking 5% for finger jointed)