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Timber Decking

Merbau Decking

Merbau Decking

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Merbau 90 x 19 Select grade

Merbau 140 x 19 Select grade

Merbau 140 x 22 Select grade

Set lengths are available in 3.6m and 5.7m 


Choose 90mm Decktec, 10g x 50mm screws.

Choose 140mm Decktec, 10g x 65mm screws.

Merbau is a versatile wood product. It is utilised for larger-scale projects and general construction also featured in backyards as outdoor furniture, and internally in a range of joinery, flooring and other uses. The attractive yellow-orange brown hue of freshly cut heartwood deepens or reddens with ageing.

Beyond that, Merbau is quite resistant to termites and seasons well with kiln or air-drying, exhibiting only a low degrade and very little shrinkage or movement. The grain of Merbau can vary but it is usually interlocked or wavy, with a coarse but even texture, often prized for its attractiveness on back sawn material.

*Please note: as timber is a natural product standard industry practise is to order 5% more than you need to ensure you receive enough usable product. This does not include wastage for cutting to size etc. (10% on random length decking 5% for finger jointed)

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