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ANCHORMARK - 60mm S2 Decking Screw TTT-Timber-To-Timber 304 Stainless Steel 5.5mm - BAREFOOT SAFE!

ANCHORMARK - 60mm S2 Decking Screw TTT-Timber-To-Timber 304 Stainless Steel 5.5mm - BAREFOOT SAFE!

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ANCHORMARK - 60mm S2 Decking Screw TTT-Timber-To-Timber 304 Stainless Steel 5.5mm (12 gauge) bucket of 1000 - BAREFOOT SAFE!

12g x 60mm for Timber Joists

*Special order product. 2 weeks approx. lead time.

This is the AnchorMark S2-TTT Decking Screw – Elevate Your Hardwood Decking Experience with Style and Speed!

Upgrade your hardwood decking and cladding projects with the cutting-edge AnchorMark S2-TTT Decking Screw. The innovative screw is designed for swift performance and a sleek finish, offering numerous advantages:

Premium 304 Stainless Steel:

  • Benefit from superior weather resistance with our 304 stainless steel construction.

Drill Tip Protection:

  • Safeguard your timber from tearing or splitting, thanks to the protective drill tip.

Effortless Installation:

  • The self-drilling tip ensures quick and easy installation, saving you time and effort.

Low-Profile Head:

  • The small head diameter allows for a clean and easy sinking, providing a polished finish.

Enhanced Holding Strength:

  • The grooved shank delivers extreme holding-down strength for a secure installation.

Barefoot Proof Finish:

  • Enjoy a smooth head that guarantees a perfect, barefoot-friendly finish.

Innovative Step/Washer Cover Head:

  • Featuring SIT® drive (TX compatible), this head design ensures optimum torque transmission, a snug fit, and fast centering.

Aggressive Shank Design:

  • The aggressive shank provides extreme grip with reduced drive-in torque, making it ideal for hardwood without the risk of snapping.

Efficient Asymmetrical Thread:

  • The asymmetrical thread reduces setting torque, enabling quick and easy screwing with up to 30% faster screwing time, thanks to the anti-friction coating.

Pyramid Shaped Drilling Tip:

  • The new pyramid-shaped drilling tip minimises timber splitting and allows for faster drilling, optimised for hardwood decking and cladding.

High-Quality Stainless Steel (304):

  • These screws are crafted with 304 stainless steel, offering high corrosion and weather resistance, increased fracture torque, and suitability for outdoor and water-centric applications.

For optimal results, follow our recommendations:

Pre-drilling and Pre-countersinking:

  • We recommend pre-drilling and pre-countersinking holes for a seamless installation.

Extremely Hard Timbers:

  • In extremely hard timbers, pre-drilling may be necessary.

Corrosive Environments:

  • For highly corrosive environments, choose the 316 Stainless Steel coloured screw only (not vintage or black coated).


  • Decking and cladding to timber substructures.
  • Specifically designed for hardwood attached to softwood usage.

Compatible with All Hardwood Types

Upgrade your decking game with AnchorMark – Where Style Meets Performance!

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