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Timber Decking

BATU (Yellow Balau) - Decking

BATU (Yellow Balau) - Decking

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BATU (Yellow Balau) - Decking

Batu/Yellow Balau KD (kiln dried) R1F (reeded one face or smooth both sides) E4E (eased four edges) 90 x 19 random lengths'

Special order product. 3-5 day lead time.

Choose 10g x 50mm screws.

R/L = Random lengths. Sold in one meter increments. Set lengths are not available.

Sourced from Southeast Asia.

Balau wood boasts a wide range of colors, from pale straw to deep reddish-brown. Its distinctive coarse texture adds character to your projects, often featuring interesting interlocked grain patterns.

While its resistance to decay varies by species, Balau wood is generally not highly durable and may be susceptible to insects. Despite its high density making it a bit challenging to work with, it responds well to glues, stains, and finishes.

Balau wood is odorless and typically safe to work with, though some species may cause rare reactions such as eye, throat, or skin irritation.

Widely harvested and globally available, Balau wood is reasonably priced despite being an imported timber. However, it's important to note that many species in the Shorea genus, including Balau, face critical endangerment due to habitat loss and exploitation.

*Please note: as timber is a natural product standard industry practise is to order 5% more than you need to ensure you receive enough usable product. This does not include wastage for cutting to size etc. (15% on random length decking 5% for finger jointed)

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