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EKODECK Starborn - Deckfast 410SS Screws Metal 10g x 40mm packet of 100

EKODECK Starborn - Deckfast 410SS Screws Metal 10g x 40mm packet of 100

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STARBORN - Deckfast 410 Stainless Steel Screws

10g x 40mm for Metal Joists

Cap-Tor screws for all Ekodeck composite decking and screening. Packet of 100. 

Ekodeck Designer Series #34 Riverbank Red

Ekodeck Flame Fighter #34 Red Gum

Ekodeck Designer Series #37 Alpine Ash

Ekodeck Flame Fighter #53 Snow Gum

Ekodeck Classic #53 Greystone 

Ekodeck Designer Series #53 Ironwood

Ekodeck Flame Fighter #53 Shadow Grey

Ekodeck Designer Series #54 Backbeach

Ekodeck Flame Fighter #54 Sand Dune

Ekodeck Flame Fighter #65 Honey Oak

Ekodeck Classic #71 Dark Brown

Ekodeck Designer Series #73 Estate Brown

Ekodeck Flame Fighter #73 Deep Walnut

Ekodeck Designer Series #81 Leatherwood

Ekodeck Classic #82 Red Rock

Deckfast® Metal screws are designed to attach composite and PVC decking to steel and aluminum, deck framing. It is the first line of deck screws designed specifically for this application.

Deckfast Metal screws are made of Grade 410 stainless steel and feature extra deep star drive recesses, undercut heads, drill points, and a color matched epoxy-based polymer resin coating over zinc plate.

Product Features

Material: 410 Stainless Steel with Epoxy-based Polymer Resin over Zinc Plate.

 Starborn Deckfast_Metal_Diagram

Star Drive

Favored by professionals; extra deep recess reduces cam-out.  

Undercut Head

Cleanly penetrates the hard outer layer of capstock and hardwood decking.

Drill Point with Wings*

Drill point with wings, which increase the speed and effectivness of the drill point and also prevent mushrooms and other decking surface defects.

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