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EQUISOL - Pro E365 - Fast Drying Decking Oil

EQUISOL - Pro E365 - Fast Drying Decking Oil

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EQUISOL - Pro E365 - Fast Drying Decking Oil


Pro E365 is not a coating. It’s a penetrating, non-film forming, clear exterior timber oil that highlights the natural beauty of timber grain with a signature matt finish.

Pro E365 migrates and diffuses into the timber for long lasting protection from within, minimising warping and splitting. Its environmentally-friendly linseed oil base is specially formulated with mould and algae inhibitors to resist the growth of black mould on your deck while nourishing and preserving the timber, and controlling the effect of sunlight exposure with enhanced UV absorbers. Use the clear oil to allow the natural silvering process, or add an Equisol Colour Tone for rich colour that lasts longer.

COVERAGESoftwood: 6-10m2 per litre. Hardwood: 10-16m2 per litre.
COLOUR TONES AVAILABLE: Black, Grey, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Pale Brown and Red Brown.



  • Easy single pack application
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • 2 coat system
  • Penetrating timber oil stabilises timber moisture content and allows water to escape instead of sealing it in under film
  • Water repellent to keep timber dry from the inside out.
  • Non film-forming
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Scratch resistant and easily repaired
  • No cracking, peeling or blistering
  • Enhanced UV absorbers
  • Formulated for harsh Australian sub-tropical climate
  • Matt finish enhances natural timber grain and beauty
  • Protects against effects of moisture, sunlight and mould
  • Nourishes timber to minimise cupping, warping and splitting
  • Includes powerful mouldicide and algicide
  • Effective in sealing pressure treated timbers
  • Can be applied on fresh timber without weathering
  • Can be applied to seasoned or unseasoned timber
  • Recommended for pre-finishing/pre-oiling before installation
  • Can be wet stacked for easy pre-oiling
  • No oily residues weeks after coating in cold wet climates
  • May be applied to either rough sawn or dressed timber
  • 2 coats are all that needed
  • Range of 6 architectural colour tones can be mixed in, or leave as clear to allow timber to silver naturally
  • No sanding in-between coats
  • Can be recoated once touch dry (for best result, leave for 24 hours if possible)
  • Can be applied in direct sun and cold weather
  • Clear coat is clear without green staining
  • No wet edge
  • Easy maintenance – can be recoated without harsh sanding


Colour Tones are available to mix with Equisol to maintain the natural timber colour character, delay silvering, and retain the "freshly oiled look" for longer. If you wish to retain the natural timber colour, use Equisol without a Colour Tone.

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