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LANOTEC - General Purpose

LANOTEC - General Purpose

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LANOTEC - General Purpose Liquid Lanolin, Multi-Purpose Penetrant & Lubricant

A versatile solution, LANOTEC acts as a penetrant, lubricant, and corrosion inhibitor.


  • Penetrates deep through rust, loosening rusted tools and components.
  • Multi-purpose lubricant for protecting hinges, zippers, padlocks, sliding doors, locks, and chains.
  • Provides corrosion protection for most surfaces, hinges, and chains.
  • Cleans, rejuvenates, and extends the life of metal, timber, vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, fiberglass, and powder-coated surfaces.
  • Protects electrical equipment and components.
  • Prevents oxidation for containerized shipping.

Available in:

  • 60g Aerosol
  • 300g Aerosol
  • 600ml Spray Pack
  • 5 litre
  • 10 litre
  • 20 litre


  • Biodegradable
  • Resistant to wash off
  • Acid and salt resistant
  • Non-conductive to 70 kV
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-evaporative
  • Hermetically seals surfaces.

Choose LANOTEC for your general purpose lubrication and corrosion protection needs.

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