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MILLBOARD - Square Edging 50 x 32mm, 3.2m

MILLBOARD - Square Edging 50 x 32mm, 3.2m

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MILLBOARD - 50 x 32mm Square Edging  3.2m

Board size: 50 x 3200 x 32mm
Weight: 5.300 per board

Enhance the timeless appeal of your deck with our Millboard Square Edging board.

Crafted to withstand high wear points, this edging option flawlessly matches the rest of your deck, ensuring a cohesive look. With its square profile, it offers a stylish finish without the need for separate edging.

The Square board opens up a world of design possibilities, from under-lip lighting to coping for planters and seating. Its stability and easy installation make it an ideal choice for steps , delivering a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Millboard Square Edge is available in the following options:

  • Antique Oak
  • Brushed Basalt
  • Coppered Oak
  • Driftwood / Smoked Oak
  • Jarrah
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