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Moisture Shield

MOISTURE SHIELD - Aegis Fixing Clip - Metal

MOISTURE SHIELD - Aegis Fixing Clip - Metal

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MOISTURE SHIELD - Aegis Fixing Clip - Metal

Moisture Shield is the most technologically advanced wood composite decking and the only decking tha can be installed on the ground, in the ground, or even under water with zero field failures in 30 years.


The Aegis Clips feature teeth that make them ideal hidden deck fasteners for fitting into the grooved edges of composite decking boards, reducing lateral movement for added stability. Made with glass-reinforced plastic for lasting strength and durability, these deck clips use a 90-degree installation process that makes installing and replacing boards easy. The Aegis Clip has versatility and durability, so you can install with confidence knowing it will meet your deck’s environmental conditions. 


  • Tight fit for added stability
  • Glass-reinforced plastic for durability
  • Pre-inserted screws for easy installation
  • Consistent narrow 4.8mm spacing between deck boards


  • The 5m² box has 90 hidden deck fasteners with pre-inserted screws
  • The 25m² bucket has 450 hidden deck fasteners with pre-inserted screws
  • T-15 Star Driver Bit
  • Instruction sheet

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