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PALRAM - SUNSKY Industrial - Trimdek/5 Rib Polycarbonate Sheeting

PALRAM - SUNSKY Industrial - Trimdek/5 Rib Polycarbonate Sheeting

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PALRAM - SUNSKY Industrial - Trimdek/5 Rib Polycarbonate Sheeting

Profiled Polycarbonate for Skylights & Sidelights

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SUNSKY Industrial, the leading corrugated skylight panel in the world, is now
available in an expanded range of profiles that will integrate with most metal

SUNSKY Industrial offers multiple advantages over alternatives. It stands up to demanding exterior applications and maintains high light transmission for very long periods. It ideally integrates as in-plane skylight and sidelight into profiled metal roofs using an advanced profile matching technology that allows Palram to adapt SUNTUF to any metal profile. SUNSKY panels form a complete shield against harmful UV rays while admitting most of the visible light. In fully exploiting natural daylight, the panels contribute to the conservation of energy and also improve the quality of the working environment. 


  • Clarity Natural, clear SUNSKY polycarbonate sheeting exhibits the clarity of glass, transmitting up to 90% of natural light.
  • Energy Saving By transmitting natural daylight into the structure, SUNSKY skylights reduce energy consumption of electric lighting.
  • Matching Any Profile Palram’s proprietary corrugation technology enables SUNTUF to be quickly matched into any given profile, opening infinite corrugation possibilities.
  • Strength SUNSKY sheets, manufactured from polycarbonate are virtually unbreakable. SUNSKY is extremely resistant to impact, hail and loads.
  • Protection from Harmful UV Radiation SUNSKY blocks over 99.9% of harmful UV radiation and completely protects from its harmful effects. A built in co-extruded layer protects SUNSKY from chemical degradation, yellowing and colour loss by UV radiation.
  • Resistance to UV Radiation SUNSKY Industrial’s resistance to UV radiation is far superior to that of fibreglass. SUNSKY Industrial will not yellow, and retains it clarity for many years. Simulated UV exposure results are graphically shown on the right.
  • Fire performance SUNSKY polycarbonate sheeting has a low flammability rating and does not release strong toxic gases when burning. SUNTUF has been tested with a procedure conforming to AS1530, 3-1982 (Australian Standard Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures, Part 3 - Tests for Early Fire Hazards Properties of Materials).
  • Low Weight Light in weight, SUNSKY sheets are easy to handle and install.
  • Weather Resistance SUNSKY withstands strong winds, hail and extreme temperatures from -50°C to +120°C.
  • Hail Resistance SUNSKY Industrial exhibits much greater resistance to high velocity impact (hail simulation tests) than a leading fibreglass panel.


  • Industrial daylight systems
  • Daylight for corrugated metal with polycarbonate panels
  • Wide span canopies
  • Daylights for insulated metal panels
  • Awnings and canopies
  • Roofing with colored polycarbonate sheets
  • Advanced engineering roofing solutions
  • Polycarbonate roof sheeting
  • Agriculture roofing and daylighting
  • Polycarbonate panels for advanced archtecture

Width: 822mm Cover: 760mm Height: 29mm Weight: 1.7kg/m²

*Order in product. 2-3 day lead time.

    Choose SUNSKY® Industrial for natural daylight that provides numerous benefits, including improved health by triggering serotonin release, increased workplace productivity, and energy savings.

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