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Pine - Treated

PINE - H4 Treated , Pre-Primed eXtreme Joist F7 (MGP10) 5.4m

PINE - H4 Treated , Pre-Primed eXtreme Joist F7 (MGP10) 5.4m

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PINE - H4 Treated 44 x 44mm, 5.4m, F7 (MGP10) Pre-Primed eXtreme Joist

Extreme Joists

*Allow 3-4 days from placement of order

The option for those extremely low decks where standard bearers and joists just won’t cut it.

H4 treated eXtreme Joist is suitable for applications where timber will come in contact with the ground, while also offering protection against insect attack and fungal decay.

With joist options for all applications whether it's laying directly over patio, concrete balcony or a new external deck eXtreme Joist has it covered.

eXtreme Joists are also double primed for added protection against moisture ingress.




Extreme Exterior Timber Products

Need exterior grade performance from a sustainable source? Experience the extreme timber range.

Build beautiful exterior structures with sustainable Extreme Timber. Replace steel with a sustainable timber manufactured for the extreme outdoors.

Trust Timber

Timber is a natural, sustainable, appealing product, with excellent durability and fire performance. Timber in its natural form - straight, long and true is a source of inspiration. Iconic exterior timber structures have been built around the globe to either stimulate or relax those who come near. Timber - a product you can trust.

Go to the Extreme, you will not regret it!

Also, any timber may warp if not stored out of the weather on a flat level surface out of the sun and rain. Please ensure you store your timber properly as soon as you can after delivery. There is no returns for any timber that has warped or twisted due to incorrect storage.

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