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PRYDA - Galvanised Timber Nail Connector 35 x 3.15mm

PRYDA - Galvanised Timber Nail Connector 35 x 3.15mm

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PRYDA - Galvanised Timber Nail Connector 35 x 3.15mm

 Approx. 180 nails per 500g.

Pryda Galvanised Timber Nail Connectors are specifically designed for fixing Pryda timber connectors. They are longer, thicker, and stronger than galvanised clouts, and have a tapered head and one-piece construction for greater strength. Manufactured from galvanised steel for corrosion protection in external environments.



  • One-piece design, stronger than regular clouts, as their heads may pop off under load.
  • Tapered head for greater strength. 
  • All Pryda connectors specifying a Pryda Timber Connector Nail have design capacities are in accordance with test results or current, relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. 
  • Pryda products are structurally adequate provided they are designed, installed and used completely in accordance with the Pryda Timber Connector Nail (when specified). 
  • Correct Installation: Installation of Pryda products must be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the relevant design guide. 


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