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WURTH - 70mm no-pre-drilling Decking Screw 5.5mm Assy A2 304 Stainless Steel, box of 250

WURTH - 70mm no-pre-drilling Decking Screw 5.5mm Assy A2 304 Stainless Steel, box of 250

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WURTH - no-pre-drilling Decking Screw 5.5mm x 70mm Assy plus 4 A2 SRCS terrace A2 304 Stainless Steel. Plain partial thread raised countersunk head (box of 250)

12g x 70mm for Timber Joists

Driver: WURTH RW 20 1/4" x 50mm 

*Allow 3-4 days from placement of order

Special partial thread screw with grooved shank made of high quality austenitic A2 stainless steel with small raised countersunk head and milling pockets. Suitable for visually appealing fastening, close to edges, without pre-drilling of terrace floorboards, wooden facades, skirting boards, fences etc. in outdoor areas constantly exposed to weathering.

Ideal power transmission thanks to RW drive

  • More power due to larger contact area at the bit
  • More stability, one-handed working, precise positioning due to the tight-fit recess and perfect fit of the bit
  • Fewer bit changes, one bit for many screw diameters
  • Compatibility with previous AW drive 

Precise positioning and very clean drilling due to advanced centring drill tip

  • Positioning and drilling without chipping
  • Maximum drilling performance and precise drilling process through drilling cutting edges (similar to Forstner bits)
  • Precise positioning on hard surfaces without slipping thanks to centring pin
  • Quick screwing due to gentle start of thread 

Easy countersinking in softwoods and hardwoods

  • Visually appealing connections due to lens-shaped, rounded head
  • High milling power and chip collection for clean countersinking of the head in softwood/hardwood
  • For universal use in wood and metal connections due to milling pockets integrated in the countersunk head
  • Can be combined with 90° metal countersink 

Maximum reliability of the screw connection due to asymmetrical single thread

  • Optimal matching of drill tip and thread geometry
  • Excellent anchoring in wood due to asymmetrical arrangement of thread flanks 

Stainless mounting for accessible wood connections in outdoor areas exposed to weathering

  • Made of austenitic, non-magnetic and non-rusting A2 stainless steel
  • Can be used in rural or urban environments or industrial atmospheres without significant exposure to chlorides or SO2
  • With friction-reducing slide coating for easy screwing

Application area

For the fixed connection of two wooden elements

The slightly inclined grooves incorporated into the shank area enable two wooden elements to be permanently connected in the assembled state. Any creaking caused by the drying and swelling of the wooden components is reduced. The mechanical fracture properties of the screw are also increased.

For wood-wood connections designed to pull together

A wood-wood connection designed to pull together is possible owing to partial thread starting immediately after the shank. The thread in this case is positioned entirely in the lower second component.


  • For optimum use of the screw, the right-size RW bit must be used
  • Partial-thread screws are ideal for connecting wooden components. To achieve optimum assembly of the components, the components to be fixed must not be thicker than the length of the shank
  • ASSY screws are approved for quasi-static loads
  • ASSY stainless steel screws can be used to attach hardwood terraces and flooring. Pre-drilling is recommended for tropical timber with high bulk density

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